Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tin Can Vase

Throw lots of these in the recycling?

Turn them into this:

I hate throwing stuff away that I think could potentially be turned into something. I am always recycling tin cans and finally decided with the coming of spring weather to turn them into vases.

I used a 29oz. can but any size would be cute!

1. After the contents are gone wash well and remove all remnants of the lid.

2. Now you can choose to leave the tin alone, paint it with craft paint (that's what I did here), or the easiest - spray paint!

3. Add some flowers and viola - you're done! If you'd like you can embellish it writing (permanent marker - above) or ribbon (below) or anything else you can think of!

4. Now leave out to decorate around your own house or give a gift to a friend :)

Have fun and ENJOY!

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, April 15, 2010

ABC Eggs

Before Easter one of my sweet friend's dropped this basket full of Easter eggs off at my doorstep for my girls.

These weren't just any Easter eggs! She had written a letter on each egg complete with the uppercase on one half and the lowercase on the other.

What a great idea! My girlies (well mostly my toddler) have loved playing games with these! We go on hunts and they have to name the letter before putting it in the basket, sometimes I send them on a hunt to find a certain letter, we work on sounds, match, etc. So much can be done! Even the baby enjoys putting them in and out of the basket all by herself :)

Just thought I'd share my friend's lovely idea for a fun way to get some learning in!