Friday, January 22, 2010

twine heart

I saw a cute twine heart over at Craftaholics Anonymous and thought it was just adorable. So adorable that when I saw this heart at a local dollar store here where I live that is moving and had everything 75% off I knew I had to have it (only 25 cents!!!) - I really should have bought another!

So I hot glued the twine to start and then started wrapping it up. I would hot glue the twine down every once in awhile just to make sure it stayed in place.

Here's how it turned out.

And the final product hanging on the inside of my front door.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heart Wood Block

More Valentine's Decor...

I've had this wood block sitting around from our church craft day more than a year ago. I turned the others into photo blocks and just didn't have a place for this one. I've had it waiting around to be put to good use.

So I took some leftover scrapbook paper from another project I have waiting in the wings. I cut it down to fit the block and distressed the edges.

Then I Mod Podge -ed it onto the wood block.

Then I adhered this little berry wreath to it with hot glue. (I got the wreath at Micheal's with a 40% off coupon - I think it was like $1.90).

And...ta da! Another Valentine's decoration for around the house. Fast, easy, cheap, and cute!

Total Valentine's decorations to be found in my house - 2 !!! ;) Hopefully more will make themselves shown soon :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

valentine's heart sign

i have had this router-ed piece of wood sitting in my craft closet for over 3 years now. i just never knew what to do with it so it stayed in there forever.

then last week i decided i needed some valentine's decor when i saw a cute little berry wreath at Micheal's. and that's where my idea began.

so i painted the wood brown (i've seen pieces like this at Micheal's for a few bucks) and then i sanded it a little.

next i printed the words 'be mine' (font - impervious) on a creme piece of cardstock.

then i distressed the edges using this ink that a friend introduced me to.

next i mod podge -ed it on the wood.


i nailed this little heart (which i ended up getting for 40% off at JoAnn's) underneath the writing.

here's the final product.

sit on an easel or hang with ribbon on the wall.