Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{summer schedule}

 I love summer for the laidback lifestyle we can have throughout the week - but I'm also one who longs for some type of structure. 

For the summer I came up with little to-do lists for our family for Monday-Friday. Some of the things are already scheduled  and others are things we'd just like to, want to, or need to get done throughout the week. 

Do we do everything every day? Absolutely not. But I love having the daily lists out in my kitchen as a reminder of things I'd like to get done (laundry, mop, teach a math concept, read stories, say family prayers, etc.) I also left enough room available in between that allows me to write in specific things (i.e. teach continents, work on addition, etc.) 

To make one of your own:

1. Use Word to make your own daily lists in separate columns. (I used the landscape mode and divided the page into 5 columns).

2. I printed it, cut it out, distressed it, mounted it on cardstock, and then added it to scrapbook paper that I lined an old picture frame with.

3. Now I just use some white board markers and windex to write all over it :)



Sunday, July 8, 2012

{grout cleaning)

I absolutely love Pinterest. The only problem is that I'm blindly trusting other's links to be correct/useful/yummy/etc.

We have a very light tile in our entire entryway, hallway, and kitchen. Needless to say the grout didn't stay bright white for long! I've hated it but haven't found a way to clean it. I've tried some cleaners and even tried sealing it afterwards but it just didn't do the trick.

Then came along Pinterest and I found a suggestion for a grout cleaner. The formula: mix baking soda and peroxide until it forms a paste. Then apply it with a toothbrush, wait a few minutes, and wipe clean. 

Ta-da! It worked (and made my dirty grout look especially gross)! It came clean quick and was super cheap - I think it's now my go to grout cleaner. Give it a shot!

Now if only I can motivate myself to do the rest of the kitchen!!!