Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Around Our House

I love blog land during the holidays. Everyone shows all the pretty things they put up and all the creative ways they make the stuff. Here's how our house changes during the holidays...

When you walk into our house this garland is hanging in the entryway. It's just one of those cheap ones from JoAnn's and then I dressed it up by tying some strips of fabric on it (kind of like the tree garland my cute friend over here did). I added some pine cones and now complete it with Christmas cards we receive in the mail using dressed up clothespins (my oh so talented friend again) to hang them with.

These three little trees are plain and simple. No need for extra decoration - I love them just the way they are.

Can't decorate without a some wood and vinyl :)

This tin bin (Goodwill find) got put out in October to hold Halloween candy but I've loved it so much it has become a permanent fixture in the kitchen - just change out the ribbon.

Why I absolutely love Marshall's ? - because you can find cute hand towels like this one - for cheap!

Our living room is adorned with garland, berries, and lights just about everywhere. Everyday I can't wait for the sun to start setting so I can turn on all the lights!

The mantle...
The stockings...
The whole picture. I love this room during Christmas time. It's one of those rooms you really don't go in all too much - especially because ours happens to be really cold. But during Christmas time I just want to spend as much time in there as I can.

The tree...adorned with berries, ribbon, and all ornaments from the dollar store or cheaper (painted wood stars, pine cones, etc.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

All Sort of Cute Girly Hair Things

I just love a good bow or oh so cute hair thing.

One of my best friends and her partner are starting up a business. They are making all sorts of barrettes, bows, etc. for girls.

If you're interested in finding some cute one of a kind hair things to dress up you girl's hair - check them out.

(Hello Steeler's Fans?!?!)

Check them out at:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


A few weeks ago when we went down to my parent's house my mom found the shades that went to the chandelier she gave me. After painting it black the cute little cream shades she had worked perfectly.

Even better - I didn't have to spend money buying any (I had been searching and those things are hard to find!!!). She thinks she also has some red ones so I can't wait to get those and try them out :)
Now whenever I go into Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat, etc. and see those ugly brass light fixtures my mind explodes with all the cute things and places you can put them - and all for oh so cheap!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo Tile Coasters

We made these little cuties last month at my church's craft day I help out with. They are super easy and way cute!

Find at tiles you like from the hardware store. Print out pictures or use ones you already have and size them down to fit the tiles. Next, adhere them to the tile with Mod Podge. Finally, spray an adhesive on top to protect the photo from any water. Lastly, stick some felt pads on the bottom.

A super cute, easy, and personalized gift! I've also seen them done all around the internet using scrapbook paper, napkins, and monograms printed from your home computer - the sky's the limit! I just might have to make some more :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Homemade Shirts

Can I tell you how IN LOVE with Heat and Bond I am!!! If you didn't read my last post I'm thinking I just might want to become their spokesperson! I haven't tried washing anything that has it on it but for now I'm loving all the things I can make with it - I'm still using that same $1.50 piece I had leftover from the stockings - and there's still more!!!

So I took some fabric I had leftover - and bought a few more (I just went to Walmart and picked out some cute fabrics and had them cut 1/8 of a yard of all of them. So I came home with 5 different fabrics and I spent a total of a tad more than $1.00!). Then I printed some templates from the internet, adhered the Heat and Bond to my fabric, traced, cut, and ironed on.

Tada! Cute little shirts for my girlies.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So I've had a dilemma for awhile now. We had some cute stockings and then when babies came along I wanted us all to have matching ones. many do you buy? I don't know how many kids we're going to have. Do I spend a lot of money and guess? All of these questions have been running through my mind.

Then when I was out shopping (on Black Friday none the less) I found these simple felt stockings at JoAnn's. I had been debating just making some of my own so that I could replicate them when more kid's came along but I'm no seamstress. So I bought these stockings for around $1.00.

I bought some polka dot fabric (50%off) to add to them with everybody's initials. I found a font I loved, printed it out on cardstock, cut it out, and then used this: -my new best friend -

How I have not used this before I do not know - but I sure am IN LOVE!!! Heat and bond - ABSOLUTELY no sewing needed - perfect for me :)

Iron this stuff on your fabric, cut out the initials, and iron on the stocking - super easy!!!

And here's the finished product hanging on our mantle....Super easy, super cheap (less than 10 bucks for 6 of them - although I may run out and grab 2 more stockings...I don't think we really plan on having more than 4 kids but who knows!) and super cute!