Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Around Our House

I love blog land during the holidays. Everyone shows all the pretty things they put up and all the creative ways they make the stuff. Here's how our house changes during the holidays...

When you walk into our house this garland is hanging in the entryway. It's just one of those cheap ones from JoAnn's and then I dressed it up by tying some strips of fabric on it (kind of like the tree garland my cute friend over here did). I added some pine cones and now complete it with Christmas cards we receive in the mail using dressed up clothespins (my oh so talented friend again) to hang them with.

These three little trees are plain and simple. No need for extra decoration - I love them just the way they are.

Can't decorate without a some wood and vinyl :)

This tin bin (Goodwill find) got put out in October to hold Halloween candy but I've loved it so much it has become a permanent fixture in the kitchen - just change out the ribbon.

Why I absolutely love Marshall's ? - because you can find cute hand towels like this one - for cheap!

Our living room is adorned with garland, berries, and lights just about everywhere. Everyday I can't wait for the sun to start setting so I can turn on all the lights!

The mantle...
The stockings...
The whole picture. I love this room during Christmas time. It's one of those rooms you really don't go in all too much - especially because ours happens to be really cold. But during Christmas time I just want to spend as much time in there as I can.

The tree...adorned with berries, ribbon, and all ornaments from the dollar store or cheaper (painted wood stars, pine cones, etc.)


  1. Feel free to come to my house to decorate anytime! Your house is really captures the holiday spirit.

  2. BEEEAUTIFUL!!! Merry Christmas!