Tuesday, March 1, 2011

flower pillow

I used to have these brown pillows on our couch - they made it through our college years and a few after but they'd gotten so bad they were recently downgraded to our wicker furniture in our sunroom.

Last week here in the Mid-West we had a little warm up and it got me itching for spring and wanting to spend time outside. Our sunroom has got a navy blue/white/brown color scheming going on so I decided to spice these pillows up with a little leftover fabric I had from another project.

I had seen the oh so cute felt flower pillows all over the internet but once I began cutting my fabric I realized I wasn't going to have enough fabric to make one. I was too cheap to go buy more fabric since this was a 'free' project for me so I decided to improvise and make my own flower.

I cut out all the petals I could using all the fabric I had - and I used no template. I laid down one layer and hot glued them on.

Then I took the rest of the petals and put a dab of hot glue in the center and folded it together to give the petals a little volume.

Then I just arranged all the petals and began hot gluing like crazy. And here's what I ended up with -

A nice little touch to somewhat boring pillows!

Have Fun!