Friday, January 22, 2010

twine heart

I saw a cute twine heart over at Craftaholics Anonymous and thought it was just adorable. So adorable that when I saw this heart at a local dollar store here where I live that is moving and had everything 75% off I knew I had to have it (only 25 cents!!!) - I really should have bought another!

So I hot glued the twine to start and then started wrapping it up. I would hot glue the twine down every once in awhile just to make sure it stayed in place.

Here's how it turned out.

And the final product hanging on the inside of my front door.


  1. yes I saw that too and it is really cute. my problem is I can't get out of my house w/ 3 kids to get to the $ store. All your little projects are cute Erica!

  2. Man, there's so much rampant fabulousness on this blog it's disgusting. You're just so darn talented it's ridicuous ;)

  3. Hey I have to tell you, I was just on another blog (my gratitude attitudes) and I saw you were linked there! Maybe you know her, but I like to think your creativity is getting around! Kudos to you!