Wednesday, March 3, 2010

File Folder Games

I am FINALLY done with these!!!

When I was teaching I made tons of these for my students to use as fast finishers when they got done early with their work. Those of course are all for school-aged children and I really wanted my kiddos to have some to play with before that time.

So months and months ago I bought a file folder book (from Desert Book) and set out on the task to make some for my girlies. Lots and lots of crayons, contact paper, and velcro later MOST of them are finally done. And do they love them? Sure do. So I guess all the time and labor I put in to these things were worth it. Hopefully - they better - provide some good entertainment!

And who knows - I may even venture out and purchase another book to make some more!


  1. hey erica- I'm linking your activity bags- hope that is ok :) and I love your fly swatter game- I'm so doing that ;) Hope you are well! sharla

  2. I don't get the file folder thing. I see them on lots of blogs, but don't get it. Sorry...can you explain it to me. Are they for older kids or would my 2 1/2 year old be interested?

  3. Susie, I definitely think a 2 1/2 year old would love them. You can find them for all different ages. Even if the child doesn't completely understand the concept being taught through the game they still have fun playing with the different game pieces. My daughter loves to match pictures, shapes, numbers, etc. in her file folder games. I think they're a good investment and can appeal to a variety of ages. Hope that helps :)

  4. ok thanks.

    Do you buy yours or look online and build them yourself?