Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Our dining room/kitchen BEFORE (well I had painted)...

How many people had this same table from college???

Then we attempted the biggest home improvement project thus far - knocking down a wall!!!

First we removed a few cabinets...

Then went at it - removed drywall and 2x4's, moved electrical, drywalled, mudded, etc...

Our dining room/kitchen AFTER...

There's still a lot left on the list - paint kitchen, ceiling, and cabinets, as well as finish the hole in our flooring. But for the time being we're are pretty pleased with the results.

I'll post some more pictures when we are REALLY done with this project. Don't hold your breath though because it's taken us almost a year (yikes!!!) to get this far so there's no timeline on when the rest will really get completed :)


  1. I'm totally impressed! It looks awesome-well done!

  2. That looks so good! It opened up the space so much! k, That is a huge project. Good job!

  3. Oh my heck! so, so great! I'm so impressed! It just looks so wonderful!

    (there, is that enough ! for ya? ;)