Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oodles and Oodles of Noodles

I've started a new thing around here and I'm trying to plan at least one structured activity (something aside from reading and playing) during the day that just my little girly and I do together.

One of our activities this week was to make noodle necklaces. My baby loves sand and sticks and cars but the girl also loves makeup and jewelry just as much. So I decided we would make necklaces. We used our cheapest (and her most favorite) noodles - Mac'n'cheese and went to town.

First we tried coloring them but for a two year old that was a little tough and she wasn't into it very much. So we just beaded them along until it fit her and she now has been wearing it around the house for days.


  1. You can color noodles by mixing food coloring, noodles and rubbing alcohol together and then laying them out on newspaper to dry

  2. we love threading activities too. We just did one with silk flowers and cut up straws. It looked nice and girly :)

  3. I was wondering what other activities you came up with...I'm a nanny for 2 wonderful little girls, so I'm always looking for new ideas!!
    Thanks in advance!!!

  4. well, I kept on looking and noticed several other things you have listed!!! sorry!