Sunday, February 21, 2010

my newest project

a friend of mine introduced me to our local habitat for humanity a couple of months ago. i went and loved it. what is it? it's like a salvation army, goodwill, or di. things are donated and sold and the money goes to habitat for humanity.

she's known i've been wanting an entertainment center. something substantial and hides everything (her tv is on an old dresser she found on the side of the road - and it looks great!). so last week told me there were some good pieces over at the store and that i should check them out.

i went and fell in love with this thing. it's an old buffet. but i love it. it's going to go in our living room and replace the free entertainment contraption we got when we moved from our apartment a few years ago.

i have to wait till it's a little warmer to paint it so look for some after pictures coming in the next month or two. i'm envisioning red. with some black hardware. what do you think?

should i paint it red or be safe and do the standard black???


  1. That is going to be beautiful! I learned a trick from an interior decorator (I call it a trick) when deciding what color...go through your house and inventory all furniture items, colors, etc. See where you have the most and that will help you decide on the color. I love that piece and see great potential! I am a red/black girl myself...and if you have no red furniture, I would do red....but black is a good choice too. I guess it really depends what else will be in the room and what kind of look you are going for. I am excited to see it!

  2. ooo, l.o.v.e. it! So, so fab!

    love the door vinyl too, by the way!

  3. Hi, Love this... I vote black, just wondering I am local if you would be interested in selling your old ent. center?

  4. Red, red, red!! Jenny of Little Green Notebook painted a credenza using Rustoleum's Safety Red.

    I thought it was so gorgeous!!