Sunday, January 30, 2011

musical plates - letter sounds

I got this idea from my friend Jedda over at This Little Project. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to try it!

We've been working on the alphabet in our house lately. We've mastered the letters and recognizing and identifying them and now we're finishing up getting all of their sounds down. So this is what we did:

1. We (I) wrote the capital and lowercase letter on a plate.

2. We reviewed the letters and put about 7 down at a time.

3. I played some music while the kiddos walked/hopped/crawled around the plates.

4. When I turned the music off I would call out a sound (Jedda suggested many other ways you can play this for different ages - call the letter, a word that starts with that letter, etc.)

5. The girls would listen to the sound I was making and then find the corresponding letter/plate and either stand on it or place their hand on it.

6. We would continue playing until I felt they had really mastered those sounds then we'd pick them up and place new letters down.

Although my 1 year old had no clue what she was doing she did start to pick up on what certain letter were and she had a blast just tromping around to the music. My 3 year old however did extremely well and this game has definitely helped her solidify some sound recognition skills. Even better - they both had so much fun they wanted to keep playing it all afternoon!

I can see this easily being adapted to different ages/skills levels/academic areas. You could write numbers on them and then say multiplication problems, you can write capitals on them and then call out states - so many endless possibilities!

Have fun!


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