Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Conversation Blocks

When Kierste over at Brown Paper Packages made these cute little blocks for Valentine's Day I was instantly in love - what made me want to make them even more is that I already had everything on hand! Making a craft and having a cute decoration for free is very appealing :)

Items Needed:
- 3.5 inch blocks cut from a wood post
- scrapbook paper
- craft paint
- Modge Podge


1. Paint the wood with your craft paint - any color you want!

2. Print off whatever words you want showing on your blocks. I don't have vinyl so I opened up a word document and made a text box the same size as my blocks. Then I printed the words in the smiley monster font and made them as large as my text box would hold. Then I printed it off on my scrapbook paper.

3. Cut the scrapbook paper to fit the blocks.

4. Distress it and then Mod Podge it on. Once dry, place another coat of Modge Podge on top.

These are super cute and would be perfect for so many holidays!
Have Fun!


  1. Cute blocks! I'm working on some right now too- I also was inspired by the Brown Paper Packages blog! Great idea to print on scrapbook paper :)

  2. I love BPP blog too! She is so talented. You did a great job too! Your blog is adorable. It totally looks like vinyl too. Your blog font is so cute!

  3. I love to use scrapbook paper too its much more affordable! These are so so CUTE! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. I am wanting to by a vinyl cutter but so far my budget isn't allowing it! Thanks for sharing with us another way to do these! They are very cute!!

  5. Those are really cute blocks! I'd love for you come link up!


  6. Love your Blog!! I am so following you!!

  7. Erica- I made some too :) I added yours as a link :) I played around w/ the fonts but went back to smiley monster font- it almost looks like vinyl when you print it dark:) Hope you are doing well!! sharla

  8. Very cute! My Silhouette is on the way, but I may have to do this before it get's here!

  9. smiley monster is a fabulous font . . . did you know that the plus sign in smiley monster is an extra cute chubby heart? happy friday!

  10. I, too, LOVE the BPP blog!! I was so excited when I saw the conversation blocks and have been wanting to make them. I think I might try using scrapbook paper as well!! Thanks for the tip!