Thursday, June 28, 2012

{kid's bags}

In the last 6 months we have taken two road trips (each being longer than 16 hours each way). With summer here I know many others will be experiencing that same thing as you go to visit new places or see far away family and friends.

If you have kids there always comes the question, "How do I keep them entertained in the car?" Although DVD players are absolutely wonderful they usually don't do the job the ENTIRE time - so you usually have to have a few other tricks up your sleeve!

This year I made each of my kids their own car bag. I found these cheap plain black bags at Goodwill for $2 bucks. The straps were just long enough to fit over the headrest in our car. So each kid got their own bag, slipped it over the headrest in front of them, and then got to fill it with goodies. Anything from snacks to coloring books to dolls got piled in the bag and it was a perfect solution to keeping all their car trip goodies in one accesible location. 

Here's how to make your own:

1. Buy a cheap bag.
(I got mine at Goodwill but I've seen these same types of ones at Walmart for $5 bucks or under).

2. Print out a large letter in your favorite font from your computer.

3. Cut out the letter or name and use it as a stencil for cutting out your fabric and Heat 'n' Bond.

4. Iron - follow the directions on the packaging of Heat 'n' Bond.

5. Put it over the headrest and load it up!

 Not going on any trips? Fill it up with church stuff, Halloween candy, towels and suncreen, etc! Kids love bags to tote around - I'm sure they'll love these no matter what's in it :)


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