Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chore Charts

I have been wanting to make a 'chore' chart for awhile now. Mostly because I can't remember to brush my toddler's teeth and thought this would help me get on the ball. My inspiration came when I saw THESE.

Super cute. So here's my take on them.

I used a clipboard from the dollar store.

Covered it with Mod Podge and scrapbook paper.

Made their names and hot glued them to the metal clip.

Printed off chores on cardstock and stuck them under the clip (that way they can be easily switched out whenever chores change).

Then painted some stars and adhered them to the sides and bottom with tiny magnets that I painted (and hot glued on - of course :)

Finally, hot glued some magnets to the back so that they hang nicely on the side of my fridge.

Ta-da! Easy and super cute - now hopefully some chores will get done around here - I'm thinking mommy and daddy need one as well :)

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  1. Those turned out Stinkin' CuTe too!! Thanks for the comment!