Friday, November 20, 2009

Chalkboard Frame

I adore chalkboard paint. I think it is just the cutest way to personalize your home and makes things fun!

It all began when I painted our pantry door (more about that here) and then my friend decided to use an old picture frame to make one here.

I found a large picture frame in a box in the basement, spray painted it, and then used chalkboard spray paint to spray the inside.

It now sits in our kitchen and displays the week's menu but it would look oh so cute in an entry way, kid's room, etc. Where can you find a place for it?


  1. very cute Erica. i love everything you share :) It just gives me more stuff I want to make :)

  2. Love these where do you buy the chalkboard spray paint?

  3. I bought the spray paint at Home Depot. It's Rustoleum and about 3 bucks a can :)