Wednesday, March 4, 2009

~ Refreshing a Pantry ~

The hubby and baby were away this past weekend. I have never experienced such a thing and although I missed them both very much - I have to admit that my weekend alone was lovely. I did rest but I also got a few projects completed that I'd been dreaming about for awhile now.

In our entire house all the doors are white - except two. Both of these doors are teeny tiny and I have hated them since we've moved in. The upstairs linen closet door remains it's original wood color but our pantry door now is a beautiful chalkboard black. Can I tell you how glad I am that I finally did it? I love the new color and the added bonus of being able to leave sweet little love notes for my hubby.

I did no sanding or priming so all this little project cost me was the $8.97 quart of black chalkboard paint I bought at Walmart. I applied two coats and still have about 75% of the paint left for another project. Add a .96 cent box of chalk and the entire thing cost me under 10 bucks. I added the flowers/ribbon/bucket - that I already had lounging around in the pile of stuff that doesn't have a home in our basement - to add a more homey touch.

Now the toddler has yet another thing to do while I'm trying to make dinner and it wipes up perfectly clean. What could be better? Love it! Don't be surprised if I end up using this stuff in lots more places around the house...I may use up that quart a little quicker than I thought...


  1. Erica,
    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas to make your house a HOME and your life and that of those you love so much better. We are going to have to try this! It looks adorable.

  2. So it is paint, that is cool!