Sunday, March 8, 2009


You can never have enough bows right? With another little girl on the way I decided to add a few more headbands and bows to the collection.

1. Buy some ribbon you like (I especially love the kind with wire - it holds its shape well) - around 1 1/2 - 2 yards for each bow.
2. In the middle of the ribbon tie a regular bow. Then continue making loops.
3. Hot glue them down or wrap some wire around the middle to hold it all together.
4 .Glue on headband type of your choice.

Since these are for a newborn I attached them all to elastic stretch lace.

I purchased all of the supplies at Walmart and the total for both the ribbon and lace (I bought both of them by the yard) was all under 6 bucks. So for under 6 dollars I made 4 headbands and three matching bows for big sister.

These are really fun and easy to make and you can really experiment and try anything with them. It's hard to find and usually expensive to find bows that specifically coordinate with certain special outfits so for so cheap there's nothing better than just making them yourself!


  1. Those bows are adoralble. I need to make some for my sisters baby, she is almost two and still has hardly any hair!

  2. Erica, you have so many great ideas and the perfect touch. I can see you with your own business in decorating/creating. You should start selling some of those great creations you make. By the way, the bows are adorable! You are an awesome example of joy and happiness to me! Thanks