Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~ My Dreams Have Come True ~

Gotta love Pottery Barn Outlet! I have been eying this beauty every time I go there. When I first saw it it was over $1,000. Then it went to $899. Well when I went down there this past Thursday it was listed for $599 PLUS an additional 30% off.

I have been scoping out armoires for some time now and this was a steal!!! A big beautiful armoire that I was in love with for only $420! I had to have it (plus we had not touched any tax money and the hubby got a bonus). So after a consultation with the hubby, some encouragement from a friend, and long haul home it now resides in our living room.

It will soon be the new home of our computer, printer, office supplies, etc. while our current office gets turned into an official 'guest room'. I love to see rooms finally coming together. Let's just say I'm in love.


  1. i have been wanting an armoire too! I think they're beautiful and a space saver! this one was quite the deal!! :)

  2. I love it! It's amazing what a little patience and persistance can bring you. I will never pay full price for anything at Pottery Barn because it ALWAYS goes on sale, and usually you can find it for 50% and more off! Great find :)