Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Evolution of the Mantle

When we first moved in... a mirror and 2 wall sconces found a home above the mantle - same things from our apartment days. I wasn't in love with it but that's what we had so I made due.

I did love it all jazzed up for Christmas...

But it needed a little spice for all the other days of the year. I loved the shutter look I saw on someone else's blog. So...we had a door in our garage left from the previous owners and I decided I would attempt to saw it in half. It worked and so I gave it a shot with a fatty barn star. Liked it, but didn't love it.

Next on the list...distressing the shutters. Better but not perfect.

Finally a sign and some candle holders did the trick. I think a mantle is one of the hardest places in a home to decorate. It's not quite finished yet, so tell me your advice...Do I leave the candle holders the color they are?
If not, what color should I paint them?
What color candles would look best?


  1. Distressed the warmer color of your wall in the room or a darker color similar to the star! Just an opinion I know we both know someone with a great eye for the right color!

  2. I would say make them darker like the for the color of there another main color in the room besides red?? Like tan or green?? Good luck! Your decorating is such an inspiration. (I'm so jealous that you have a mantle by the way!!)

  3. Looks lovely... I adore the color of your wall... wish I was brave enough to venture from my shades of white!

  4. I'd do the candles holders black (?) like the star and the candles maybe a cream like the shutters. Unless of course you have another main color in the room we're not seeing, in which case I'd use that for one or the other.