Sunday, June 20, 2010

ABC Letters

Lately I have been concentrating on recognizing all the letters and their sounds with my 3 year old. My friend Kristyn introduced me to this site called No Time For Flash Cards - I love it! GO check it out!

It has so many easy cute learning ideas for kiddos! We've used several ideas in our home and my toddler loves it! Here's the first one we tried out - we've been learning and concentrating on a letter a week. We start each week making an animal out of our letter and hanging it on the fridge to work on and learn to recognize and identify the sound as well. Each week we've been adding our next letter, here's what we've got so far...

Go check out this great site for lots of fun and easy ideas to keep your kiddos learning all summer long!



  1. Love this idea...please keep sharing your letters each week, thanks!

  2. thanks so much for sharing this link!!