Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Washer Necklaces

I decided to venture out and try this project I have seen all over the internet lately - washer necklaces.

Things you'll need:

- any size washers

- metal stamping kit (can be bought at a hardware place (I borrowed mine from a friend) for around $10 bucks for the entire alphabet and numbers)

- ribbon/chain

- permanent marker

-baby wipe


1. All I did was go outside on our cement and use the stamping kit. You just pick out your letter, place it on the washer and then hold it REALLY steady and pound down with the hammer 2-3 times. (Try it out on some practice washers beforehand).

2. After all the stamping is finished color the indents in with permanent marker and then wipe clean with a baby wipe. This leaves the actual letters black (or whatever color marker you choose) and better able to see.

3. Place them on a ribbon, necklace, chain, etc.

I made this for my momma for Mother's Day. It has all her girl's names on it. These can make such cute necklaces, bracelets, key chains, etc! Try it out :)



  1. Darling! I love the way you stacked them.

  2. I love this idea and am excited to try it, just am not sure where to find the stamping kit. hopefully I can track one down! thanks for the great ideas!!!

  3. just had to tell you that I found the kit- for 4.99 plus tax! I made my first one of many I am sure...and had a great time! THANKS again for sharing- I really enjoy your blog and all of the fun projects you come up with.