Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chalkboard Labels

Who doesn't love to have things labeled? Especially when they're decorative and cute!!!

A few months ago I brought home a 99 cent dresser I purchased from Goodwill. The reason it was 99 cents was because the top two drawers were missing. Well of course Micheal's came to the rescue and I just happened to find two baskets that were the EXACT size I needed to fit the empty spaces. So I purchased those with coupons for $12 each and then came these little labels.

Items you'll need:
- wood shape/plate/anything you want to paint
- painter's tape
- chalkboard spray paint
- drill or adhesive
- jute/ribbon/some type of hanging material


I bought these two little wooden squares for 99 cents at Micheal's.
I then painted them a light tan using craft paint.
Then I taped them off to create a rectangle in the middle.

Then I spray painted them with this chalkboard paint.
Then I used some chalk and labeled them.

Then the hubby drilled some holes in them through which I strung some jute and tied them to the outside of my baskets.
They now sit in our spare bedroom for guests to easily find things they may be needing. And maybe one day I'll get around to finishing and showing you what sits on the top of the dresser - oh and changing that ugly hardware! One day... :)


  1. Fabulous!!!!! Glad you shared the after pictures . . . It was worth the wait!

  2. I love how those baskets turned out!