Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ABC Writing Book

I used to be a second grade school teacher in what seems like way 'back in the day' - but in all actuality it was only a few years ago. It makes my heart pitter patter when my little one is finally getting to an age where we can do lots of things together that I used to do in my classroom.

One of those things is handwriting...I love it and am so excited to see my little girlie trying her hand at attempting to perfectly write all of the letters. So when I happened to fall upon this large bundle of handwriting paper at a local dollar store I snatched it up.

I want my kiddos to want and enjoy learning and so we try to make it as fun as possible around here. The desire to start trying to write on her own was peeking out so I thought I'd try and encourage that without being pushy.

We decided to make a book together. I wrote each of the letters on a page, made an example for her to trace, and then stapled it all together with a cover page made of cardstock. Now she has her own little writing book where she is able to practice and keep a record of her progress.

She's loving it and so am I!

Have Fun!



  1. Erica, this is such a great idea! I am also a big fan of Starfall.com, we print up the sheets there (click on ABC printouts under the ABC's button) and Thacks loves all the interactive games there too so it's a double-win! Looks like Thacks and Brooklyn are on the same level as we're just starting to get into this too! Very fun.

  2. Very cute idea. When we sat down to write out Valentine's I was surprised that Leah didn't know how to write some of the letters! This will be a big help in our house. Do you have any suggestions for cutting activities (i.e. learning to use scissors)?

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