Friday, May 13, 2011

kid's dining

I LOVE this time of year. The weather is perfect. The food is delicious - but one of my absolute FAVORITE parts??? The garage sales!!!

A friend of mine is moving to Germany and had a garage sale this weekend. The night she was setting up she invited some people over for a sneak peak and I'm so glad she did because I came home with a steal!

I snagged this cute little table and chair set for 5 bucks!

Ever since we tore down the wall between our kitchen and dining room I've had this corner I wasn't sure what to do with. Well this little set happened to fit perfectly!

So I applied 1 coat of gray primer and then finished it off by spray painting it one coat of basic black. I sanded it down a little and here she is...

Absolutely adorable and my kids and I love it!

Do you love garage sale season as much as I do???


  1. LOVE that you got such a great deal on that! We have one that is almost identical and we painted it black years ago :) It has gotten lots of good use-that is for sure! :)

  2. what a cute little table!:) oh my heck i LOVE yard sales! its so much fun to buy things at a great price. My hubby likes to come with me so its a lot of fun:)

  3. wow - looks amazing! glad your girls will put the table & chairs to good use.