Sunday, July 31, 2011

fabric binder

With 'Back to School' right around the corner I've been seeing all kinds of school supplies popping up everywhere! It's really too early for me and I hate having to shop for any last minute summer gear in the clearance sections already!!!

I don't know about you or your kids but I'm always using binders - for church, preschool board, etc. And if you are like me you just might have a collection of old college binders roaming around in your basement somewhere. What to do with them? Jazz them up! No need to go spend more money on newer cuter ones. Make your old junky ones look just as good :)

Stuff you need:


Adhesive Spray

Old Binder


1. Wipe down and clean old binder.

2. Use Adhesive Spray according to directions.

3. Cut and adhere fabric around the binder.

enjoy ~


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