Tuesday, October 6, 2009

kid's bathroom

This was the first bathroom I attempted to redo in our house. It's the kid's/guest bathroom and I wanted to make it fun! This is what it looked like when we bought it - pretty basic...

First thing I did was paint it green and get a jungly shower curtain and a few accessories to go in there.

Then I used those cute little already painted wood things from Michael's. I bought a few unfinished wood frames, painted them red, distressed them, and then fitted them with some cream cardstock and the wood animals.

Next, I used those same wood animals from Michael's and glued them on these wooden pegs I got there as well. The pegs were $1 and I painted them cream and the wood animals were around 50 cents or less.

Finally, I redid the vanity but that deserved it's very own post - found here.

These were some small little very inexpensive changes I made to make the place more of 'our' home. The bigger stuff - like tile, new framed mirror, light fixture, etc. - is currently on the waiting list. But who knows how long it will remain on there - it is only the kid's bathroom remember :)


  1. Erica - Are you gluing the animals and letters (basement - Jones) to the outside of the glass? I love them!

  2. Very cool - I will have to try that out. Do you use hot glue?