Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stick Puppets

I found these cute little Halloween templates on the Family Fun website. I'm sure they have a ton more templates for a variety of seasons and holidays. We traced ours on colored paper, glued on a craft stick, and we couldn't forget the googly eyes!

Now we have fun little puppets to play with for Halloween!


  1. You should create a button on your blog that says: Ask Erica. . . .

    Okay - I have wood chairs that I want to paint . . .what kind of paint would you use? They are not finished - It's like a natural wood.

  2. Wife and Mama...I know I'm not Erica, but spray paint is the best! Fast, easy, and doesn't leave any brush strokes. There is also a spray paint primer, which is awesome!

  3. Sweetpea -I was thinking this weekend how much I LOVE spray paint and stain :) Good idea. Thanks!

    Erica - Did you order your beanies yet? I received mine in the mail today and they are adorable. For $2.50 they are not made cheap.