Saturday, October 10, 2009

office turned guest bedroom

The office when we moved in...

...plain as can be. Nice stark white walls - the only cute things in the room are the hubby and teeny baby :)

Our office now has a new location housed in a beautiful armoire (more about that here) in a completely different room.

So now we have a room soley dedicated to guests (well plus a closet - or two :) full of crafts!).

Awhile ago I can across a blog that I'm slightly in love with (her kitchen especially - because her old one looks exactly like mine!!! and I can dream and aspire to what mine might someday become) Anyways The Lettered Cottage is the blog - and I fell in love with her oh so charming 'Reading Room'. Find it here.

So I decided to fashion my completely blank canvas of a guest room after hers.

I started by painting mine tan with horizontal stripes running across the back wall.
Next, I got a bamboo shade for our one and only window.

Third, I had a 10 dollar off 10 bucks or more from Kohl's and got this vinyl letter quote for like 3 or 4 dollars. I had some leftover beadboard from our kitchen redo (find more about that here) so I adhered the vinyl to the white beadboard to hang on the wall.

It was a large piece of beadboard so these cute frames I got for 5 bucks a piece at Kohl's as well adorn the sides of the quote.

And just like one of the frames in my dining room it still houses they same picture that came with the frame. I'll get to it one day. Obvisouly it's not too high on the priority list at the moment.It's now waiting for some nice fat molding to go around it and finish it off making it look like a large framed piece.

And finally on the opposite wall is a small frame (it's actually molding torn off my parent's bathtub when they did their bathroom redo - way to recycle right?!?) mounted on the wall with three plain little wreaths (which I got the idea from my way talented friend here).

Next item on the list...a bed - I'm sure our guests would love coming over even more if we had an actual real bed for them to sleep on :)


  1. Hi, i cruise your blog and think you and your ideas are oh so cute!! I asked the question about the basement and what color and kind of paint you used... I dont have a blog :( Yet anyway so would you mind posting a comment back to me on your own snippet of wonderful blog anwsering me on that.. thanks so much! Nicole

  2. P.s. also I adore the Harvest blocks how do you order just the certain letters for that from the hathaway sign place and aprox. what was the cost? thank you so much Your so crafty I LUV everything you make. thanks Nicole

  3. Nicole, I made a post about the basement color. Hopefully that helps :)

    Also, the blocks. If you go the website we got the idea from (I linked to it in my post) it will tell you all of the 28 different letters you'll need. We ordered our vinyl in cream, Americana font, and the size was about 3 in by 3 in. We were charged 12 dollars for the vinyl but we were also placing a large order for a craft group so she may have given us a bit of a discount - I'm not sure.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!