Thursday, October 8, 2009

seasonal wood blocks

Here's the latest vinyl lettering project. For our Church's craft day this year we decided to make these cute seasonal wood blocks.

We got the idea from here. This blog is super fun - they have WAY too many cute cute things and ideas - check them out!

For our project...

We got a 4 inch wide wood post from Home Depot for under 6 bucks (and that made 3 sets of these). We had them cut it every 4 inches to make these cute cubes.

Next, add a couple coats of paint and stain or distress if you'd like.

Finally, adhere some vinyl lettering (we got ours from here.)

So with the wood + vinyl ours cost around 14 bucks. Not bad because these little cuties can spell at least 16 different seasonal words so they can stay up all year round!


  1. I LOVE those blocks - I have another question . . . Where do you find the flowers for the headbands you make (picture of Little Princess on your other blog)?

  2. Okay - I have a new favorite blog - I am going to attempt to make this and thought of your fun flower heandbands:

    I thought I would glue the flowers to clips so I could change it out. I found the beanies on Etsy for $2.50 (infant sizes are cheaper). I love the ribbon and thought that I would tie it in a bow in the back of the beanie. Shh . . . Don't tell Tiffany - I thought it would make a nice gift for Mia!

  3. I love your letter blocks. Can you divulge the letters on each one and what different words they spell?