Friday, October 2, 2009


Lucky for us when we moved into this house one room in the basement was completely finished. It has been the home of toys, toys, and more toys ever since we moved in. It now houses a treadmill and TV as well. It was plain and I never really knew what to do with it until a few weeks ago.

I love the blue/brown decorating colors that are oh so popular right now but they've never really had a place anywhere in my house. Of my friends (who is an awesome decorator and I wish she had a blog) has a room filled with brown, bluish/turquoise, and red accents. I've loved it ever since I saw it over a year ago and finally decided I try it out in the basement.

First, I painted our largest wall blue.We also got this bookshelf from IKEA to store all the gazillions of books and toys we have (which still find themselves all over the floor most of the time). In the future I would love to get some really cute baskets to fill the shelf but in the meantime small plastic baskets that I had leftover from my classroom will have to do.
Then I found these unfinished wood frames at Micheal's. I painted them brown, paired them with some scrapbook paper, and then hot glued a wooden letter to the front.

Below the name will be a whiteboard (hence the painter's tape).
Also underneath the name are some cute art boards we made for craft day this year. Mine still lacks my children's names in cute vinyl lettering but I'll have to post more and more as more projects get completed down here.

Here's just a sneak peek of the process our basement is going through. I'm sure the final project is probably years down the road when it will be finished off with a projector, couches, rug, shelves and picture frames, bookcases, etc. but for now here's what we got going on to make this part of the house more of our home.


  1. Seriously you just amaze me! We need to live closer when we get a house (someday!). It is looking great!

  2. I love, love love the blue shade you picked what kind and color of paint was it?