Wednesday, August 10, 2011

laundry baskets

I HATE cleaning. H.A.T.E. Laundry is actually one chore I really don't mind doing. Lately though I've struggled with how to sort and put it away efficiently.

I remember reading on the The Idea Room her laundry routine and so I followed suit and attempted my own.

Right now there are 4 people in our family. Everyone has a basket. On one side are laundry sorting labels - darks, whites, colors, towels/sheets.

On the other side of each basket is each person's name.

On laundry day the clothes are dumped and sorted into the correct baskets and brought to the laundry room. Once everything is washed and folded they are put in the correct basket and carried to each individual's room.

Once I made a permanent spot in the laundry room I'd like to buy additional baskets so each one doesn't have to do double duty. Once my kiddos are older they will be able to help more but for now they are doing a good job of learning how to sort, push clothes into the dryer, and hang!



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