Tuesday, August 16, 2011

monogramed towels

My kids fight. Do yours? It drives me up the wall so when I have the chance to try and eliminate the bickering I jump at the chance.

When I saw these towels at Target I fell in love. Some blogger out there probably has already made these bags and added a ruffle and whatever else. I opted to just buy them. $9.99 for a towel + plus an already made bag complete with a ruffle - SCORE!

To help keep the fighting to a minimum I decided to #1 - buy my kiddos the exact same towel. #2 - I put their initial on them.

I had just purchased the Silhouette and so I quickly bought and tried out the heat transfer but was disappointed when I learned it wasn't washable. Perfect for other projects just not this one. So I went back to my trusty Heat 'n' Bond! Love it - works like a charm and holds up perfectly running through the wash a million bagillion times :)

If you haven't tried Heat 'n' Bond go get yourself some - you'll love it!

enjoy ~


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